Honesty Pill presents:

The Audition Accelerator

The fastest, most efficient route to audition mastery.


Invitation-only, 6-week online intensive for advanced musicians.

Summer Session, June 13-July 22, 2022

Do you want to win auditions?

Then watch this video.

This is for you if...

You love playing in orchestras.

You enjoy thinking strategically.

You understand the value of efficient practice.

You believe that your work ethic will get you farther than your talent.

You want the shortest route to your goal.

Does this resonate? Then read on...

The Audition Accelerator is a motivating, highly focused course for:

  • college/conservatory students
  • young professionals
  • freelancers
  • regional and mid-level orchestra members
  • teachers and professors who want more audition practice

For this course, your playing level isn't as important as your attitude.

However, you must be somewhat familiar with the most common orchestra excerpts and concertos for your instrument.

By invitation only – Payment plans available – Enrollment limited

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How does this compare to an in-person festival?

Attend from anywhere

(even from an in-person festival).

A targeted, deep dive into the skills you need to win the job of your dreams.

More access to instructors, and more feedback than at most live festivals.

The variety of meeting times and the pre-recorded content means this works for almost any schedule.

Budget-friendly fees, and no room and board. Scholarships available, judged based on need.

Get to know and learn alongside a like-minded community of focused, motivated peers.

Can you relate?

You've taken auditions where you thought you played great, but you still didn't advance.

You want to be "ready" to take your first audition, but you're not sure what "ready" sounds like.

You're confused as to why some people advance and others do not.

The feedback you get at auditions isn't helpful.

You have a feeling there will never be enough hours in the day to learn an excerpt list.

It feels like committees just want robots, and you're wondering if this is for you.

You're sick of people telling you to practice with a metronome, because you already DO!


Topics Covered

  • My Audition Timeline--what to do and when to do it
  • Practice strategies
  • The best ways to use a metronome
  • The right way to use recording devices
  • How to learn new excerpts
  • How to use mock auditions effectively
  • How to make use of conflicting feedback
  • Managing performance nerves
  • How to learn more music in less time
  • Maintaining a healthy mindset
  • Health and nutrition support for heavy practice schedules
  • Orchestra etiquette—the "dos and don'ts" of behavior

Our clients love Audition Accelerator!

"Before working with Chris, I constantly struggled with time management and I felt like my practice sessions were getting away from me. Putting his systems in place has really helped me get my bearings.

I am able to focus and get more done, rather than just spending all day practicing with no goal.

I've only just begun, but I know for sure that this will yield great results. I'm excited to see what the future has in store!""

- Eddie, Percussionist & Audition Accelerator Client

"After working through only one course with Chris, I went from being frustrated and never getting past prelims, to advancing to the semifinals for a major symphony orchestra position.

He is one of the premiere audition strategists and thinkers out there. I am a firm believer in the content he produces, his passion to help other musicians, and himself as an individual."

- Bryce, Trumpet Player & Audition Accelerator Client

"Chris’s passion for teaching is apparent in his dedication to his students and his thoughtfully designed course materials. Thanks to him, I am learning how to critique my own playing through self-recording, and seeing how I can embrace the unknown.

Beyond that, I am starting to believe that I can be a leader in my field. Since our thoughts become our reality, then I am forever grateful that Chris is helping me become a better thinker!"

Katie, Flutist & Audition Accelerator Client

Meet your team

Christopher Still

Trumpet player and Founder, Honesty Pill

Christopher Still is a trumpet player with the Los Angeles Philharmonic. Before moving to LA, Chris was a member of the Colorado Symphony, the Dallas Symphony, the Charleston Symphony, and the Orquesta Sinfonica de Galicia.

His own path to audition success was long and difficult. He loves showing students how to reach their goals in a fraction of the time it took him. When students began traveling from other countries to learn his audition process, Chris had the idea to found the online business Honesty Pill. Through Honesty Pill, he can reach the students who would most benefit from his advice, no matter where they live.

Amanda McIntosh

Clarinetist, Honesty Pill Coach, and Entrepreneur

Amanda McIntosh is a clarinet player-turned-entrepreneur. She has been a member of the Orquesta Sinfonica de Galicia, the Sarasota Opera, has performed and toured with many of the world's leading orchestras.

Amanda was a finalist in multiple major auditions at the same time that she was working full-time as a business consultant, traveling the globe and advising Fortune 500 companies. She is an expert in time management and efficient practice. When she's not chatting with Honesty Pill clients, she helps musicians market their businesses. Her startup, Take My Face Off, creates award-winning, environmentally friendly skincare products.

What does the weekly schedule actually look like?

A typical week of the program includes a prerecorded lesson released most Mondays, a two-hour office hours session on Thursday or Friday, additional tools uploaded to the group website, and a constant stream of performance uploads and discussion on the group learning platform.

  • Weekly live trainings and QA sessions
  • Weekly, open agenda office hours
  • A one-on-one audition strategy session with Chris
  • Guest experts
  • My Audition Timeline guide, which shows you WHAT you need to do and WHEN you need to do it
  • Lesson-related videos
  • Customizable checklists, worksheets, and digital practice aids
  • Access to a private community of people working towards the same goals
  • Accountability "pods"
  • Unlimited email support (response within 48 hours)
  • The chance to continue learning--a FULL YEAR OF ACCESS to monthly virtual, mock auditions and the online community forum

"Working with Chris has been a great experience."

"It was clear right from the beginning that he is passionate about the success of his clients. He brings energy and positivity to every session; he’s the opposite of a "clock watcher." He is always looking for a way to bring more information to the table and be as helpful and available to you as he can. It's clear that he loves coaching."

Matt Richards, Audition Accelerator Client and Principal Percussion, Missouri Symphony

You don't learn this in grad school.

But you should...

  • Most musicians graduate from college or conservatory or even graduate school without this knowledge.
  • They spend their education learning to play well, but they never learn the skills they need to actually earn a living.
  • Auditions are about so much more than just playing well. They're long. They're hard. They're full of strange details you only learn through research.
  • If you haven't worked seriously with an audition expert, you're unlikely to ever win an orchestra position.

We made this program so that motivated musicians wouldn't have to waste years (and tens of thousands of dollars on audition travel) before they finally get a job.

Are you ready to learn?


"In order to kick ass, you must first lift up your foot."

-Jen Sincero, author, You Are a Badass

Let's turn your dreams into concrete goals. You'll never know if you're good enough to win until you actually enter the race.